Who is ZAMKRO Development LLC?

ZAMKRO was established in 2006 as a custom home builder with our headquarters in Orchard Park, New York. Our goal is to build unique and memorable homes. If you can dream it, we will build it.

Why trust ZAMKRO to build my home?

Our clients deal directly with the owner. No middle person, sales professional, realtor, or project manager.  We use the on-line cloud application Co-Construct to ensure your home is built on time and on budget without guess work.


What price range does ZAMKRO build their homes?

Depending on lot price, new home construction will range from $400,000 to $750,000.  We are also capable of building million dollar estates and $325,000 starter or right sized homes. Since the ZAMKRO family of skilled trade professionals are used for all our homes, your home will be built to the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship as our most expensive homes.

Would ZAMKRO quote a price per square foot?

We would rather not.  There is so much that goes into the cost of a home that it would be unfair to our clients and ourselves to set expectations.  What is best for our clients is to understand their budget and requirements.  Then we would design and price their home to exactly meet their expectations. Features that effect the price of a home may include; lot, design, floor plan, options and finishes. 

Why does ZAMKRO charge a nonrefundable fee to design and price a home?

To design and estimate the price of your home takes time and talent. Both cost money.  This work once completed belongs to the client.

Will ZAMKRO build on the client’s owned lot?

Absolutely.  Kindly review the Build on Your Lot tab for details.

How does the ZAMKRO building process work?

We have a 23 step process from start to finish to ensure our clients are delighted with their new home.  See the Design Process tab for details.

Will clients be able to make changes to their design and selections after the construction process begins?  

Our goal is to have your home’s design, features and selections approved well before we begin construction to minimize changes. However, we understand things may change after the construction process begins and a modification is required.  We will do our best to accommodate our clients request. In most cases a change order will be created. Occasionally the change might not be simple. We will review with our client all available options to ensure everyone is delighted with the outcome.

How long is your builders warrantee?

Since we build great homes with only the best skilled trade professionals in Western New York, our home warrantee program is two years. Our clients have scheduled check ups 30 days after closing, as well as 11 months and 23 months.  Of course if there is something in need of immediate attention, we will address.