Build on Your Lot

Your lot. No problem. 

Our methods, attention to detail and a two year home warrantee. ZAMKRO Development will do almost everything to ensure a delightful home building experience; design, permitting, inspections, project management, construction, etc.. In other words, your home will be completed to your satisfaction.


How long will it take to build your home?


Between design and contract period we will have many meetings to define your home's cost. This step could take anywhere from 60 to 90 days.  If financing is required, add another 2 to 4 weeks to close on your construction loan.  Actual construction of your home is dependent on many factors such as weather, availability of skilled trades, inspections, size of home, work order changes, amount of customization and other factors. Typically it will take between four and seven months from start to finish.  We will create a realistic time line that applies to the construction of your home.  To assist with keeping your home’s construction on schedule, we use the Co-Construct project management tool.  


What is the cost per square foot?


Cost depends on many factors such as the town you select to live, floor plan, foundation requirements, change order requests, finishes, upgrades, and more.  The more we know about your home before construction begins, the better we can estimate the costs of your new home.


What contributes to the final cost of your home?


Listed are a few areas which will impact the cost of your home:

  • Complexity of your floor plan.  The more corners and angles, greater the cost,
  • Lot preparation such as location of the foundation, excavation, tree removal, location of sewer and other utility connections, need for a septic system, set backs, corner lot, any demolition, soil testing, etc.,
  • Up grades and finishes such as cabinets, lighting, flooring, counter tops and more.

Can you help design our home?


We work closely with many excellent residential architects. Bring your ideas, pictures and dreams.


Already have your plans?


Excellent! Lets review them together to make your dream home a reality. Lets get started ...


What kind of financing is required begin construction?


Building on your lot requires either a cash contract or a construction loan.  One of our lending partners can get you started.